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Teaching Soft Skills in Systematic Way

The world is changing but most business schools are not. The NIMT PGDM is different—it will equip you for the new world of global business. PGDM is a two years program approved by the AICTE.: Equivalent to MBA.

Soft Skills Development NIMT MBA PGDM

Integrating Soft Skills and Hard Skills

As the first school to successfully integrate traditional PGDM ‘hard skills’ with best practices in managerial soft skill development, business simulations, and action learning, NIMT’s new PGDM curriculum has won critical acclaim of Industry Experts.

Reinventing the MBA/PGDM curriculum to include soft skills

The NIMT’s MBA/PGDM is designed to be a transformative educational experience, one in which you not only develop professionally, but also personally. Our goal is for you to emerge from your MBA/PGDM program as an inspired and truly effective leader. Employers feel that hard skills such as accounting, marketing, and strategy are only one part of that equation. They are looking to hire PGDM graduates who can also connect the dots and actually make things happen—who know how to influence the world around them, articulate their ideas clearly, and build strong relationships. NIMT has created the first-ever MBA/PGDM curriculum to ensure that every graduate of the program has all of the necessary interpersonal soft skills to get the job done in the real world.

The only MBA/PGDM to fully integrate soft skills into its curriculum

NIMT’s award-winning MBA/PGDM curriculum, with a heavy emphasis on managerial soft skills, helps ensure that NIMT graduates leave business school with the hard skills to get the job done, and the soft skills for long- term success. The addition of a Soft Skills Leadership Development track helps you to focus on your ability to harness and apply business knowledge with a finesse that is often labeled as “soft skills.”

By mastering 26 observable behaviours across five key competencies in three critical areas—the NIMT 3-5-26 Model—our students graduate as savvy, mission- driven, globally aware leaders who can produce results in collaboration with others. In addition, your soft skills will be observed through simulation exercises that are built into the curriculum.

Guidance from professional Navigators

We have based NIMT’s Soft Skills Leadership Development track on the corporate leadership programs favoured by the world’s leading companies—a blend of training, mentorship, and feedback from experts.

Throughout your year, you will participate in periodic training seminars and team
exercises facilitated by professional navigators with specific career development expertise in leadership, team-building, or organizational behaviors.

Continuous feedback to measure your own personal development

Employers have long realised that soft skills cannot be fully learned by attending a lecture or two. Ultimately they are acquired over time, when the key competencies introduced in class are reinforced by continual practice and feedback. Significant “unlearning” of embedded behavioural patterns is also part of that process. NIMT has developed a ground- breaking web tool that provides its MBAs/PGDMs with on-going feedback on their soft skills leadership development in real-time.

The Soft Skills that every NIMT Graduate will master.


NIMT’s 3-5-26 Model addresses 26 observable behaviours across five key competencies in three critical leadership areas:


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