Since its inception in 1992 NIMT has produced some of the best leaders that this world has ever seen.
Over the years, NIMT has developed a very strong alumni base, which makes it unique amongst the top
management institutes of the world. NIMT Alumni occupy leadership positions as corporate managers,
academicians and successful entrepreneurs worldwide. They also continue to maintain a very close
relationship with the institute, helping each other in their growth. The depth of this relation can be
measured from the fact that NIMT has a dedicated team of students, called the alumni cell which works
day and night in order to widen the platform for NIMT alumni interaction.

Alumni Cell organizes Annual Alumni summer meets at different cities across the world with the intention
of strengthening the bonds between NIMT, its alumni and current students. These parties are occasions
where they get to meet in an informal and relaxed atmosphere, to renew old friendships and remember
the old days. It serves as an excellent opportunity for the PGDM-1st year to interact with their
experienced seniors and learn from their lives.